Vicki, Ted, Mary, Jim

Mary Buffington
Bass guitar, vocals
A chemist by day - by night a bass playing fool for the Poodles. She started playing guitar when she was nine, but had to stop shortly after starting because her brother broke the neck. Years later she took revenge by appropriating his mandolin. Meanwhile she picked up guitar again about 25 years ago. A few years ago she picked up the bass for this band and is funkier than you.

Jim Filo
Drums, percussion
Jim has no bio-blurb. He is an International Man of Mystery!

Ted Oliverio
Lead Guitar, vocals
Ted started music lessons at 5 years old and picked up his first guitar at 14. He has played classical, jazz, country, funk and classic rock (back then, it was called "top 40.") He majored in Music and Computer Science in college, which led to explorations of electronic and eventually digital music throughout most of the late 70s and 80s.

Ted once got the hare-brained idea to fill his guitar-body with wax. It's not clear that either of them have ever fully recovered from the experience but, together, they seem to enjoy that old time rock & roll and hope that, by bringing some your way, you will too.

Vicki Oliverio
Lead Vocals, keyboards
Vicki began piano lessons at 6, but her teacher soon realized that she was a better vocalist than pianist, so she gave up piano to concentrate on singing. Classically trained, Vicki sings rock, gospel, jazz and the blues, with some funk and country thrown in for good measure. Her experience with the Poodles has led her back to the keys for the first time in 40 years. Her teacher would be proud.

Zeus and Lola, the Original Suicide Poodles

Suicide Poodles, Zeus and Lola
Our band name comes from our neighbors' two lovely black standard poodles, who love to rush down their driveway on our unlighted road at night to jump in front of your car as you drive by. Before the first band practice, Ted and Vicki warned the others to "watch out for the suicide poodles", and the band was named!

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